9 Apr'24 — 10 Apr'24 · OECD Conference Centre 2, rue André-Pascal 75016 Paris
7th OECD Infrastructure Forum

The impact of climate change is becoming increasingly evident, as extreme events such as floods, heatwaves, and wildfires are becoming more severe and widespread. There is now an urgent need to accelerate the transition to net zero emissions to not only reduce the severity of future events, but also to mitigate immediate and future climate change effects by building resilience across all countries, regions and cities, and at all levels of development. While extreme events will impact the ability for infrastructure to serve the needs of people and the environment, infrastructure will also play an essential part in protecting the environment and preserving people’s way of life in the face of climate change. 
This year’s OECD Infrastructure Forum will help countries shape their policies so they can address the challenges and opportunities of strengthening infrastructure resilience across all levels of government and society. It will serve to share innovative ideas, best practices and cutting-edge solutions between decision makers and other stakeholders involved in all stages of infrastructure development.

A special breakout session 2B, Certification and labelling of sustainable infrastructure projects is scheduled on Tue 9th April, 12:00-13:00 with Francois Bergere, SG LTIIA & CEO Fast-Infra Group among the panel participants.

Participation in person and online; register at https://www.oecd-events.org/infrastructure-forum/registration/registration

9 Apr'24
10 Apr'24
Château de la Muette
2 Rue André Pascal
75016 Paris, France