12 Jun'24
Rencontres de la construction 2024
8 rue Louis Armand, Paris 75015
14 May'24
Reflection Group on mobilising Climate Resilience Financing.
Berlaymont; Brussels
25 Apr'24
How to achieve a well-diversified portfolio of unlisted infrastructure
10 Apr'24
atelier SYNTEC-Ingenierie sur thème du financement des infrastructures
Siege SYNTEC Ingénierie
9 Apr'24
10 Apr'24
7th OECD Infrastructure Forum
OECD Conference Centre 2, rue André-Pascal 75016 Paris
18 Mar'24
21 Mar'24
Berlin Infrastructure Investor Global Summit
Hilton Hotel, Berlin
4 Mar'24
7 Mar'24
Istanbul PPP Week
6 Dec'23
EDHEC Infra Days 2023
3 Dec'23
5 Dec'23
FAST-INfra presentation
French, ICC & Multilevel Action & Urbanization Pavilions
17 Oct'23
18 Oct'23
8th World Investment Forum: “Investing in sustainable development”
Abu Dhabi conference center
9 Oct'23
13 Oct'23
2023 Paris Infraweek inaugural day
Ministère des finances, 139 rue de Bercy Paris 75012
5 Oct'23
GIF Breakfast Roundtable on “Scaling Up Project Preparation to Boost Private Sector Investment in Emerging Markets Infrastructure”
Hotel Westin-Vendome, 3 Rue de Castiglione, Room Tuileries 2, 75001 Paris, France
19 Sep'23
HOtel Westin Vendôme Paris
4 Sep'23
6 Sep'23
Finance in Common annual summit
Convention Center Cartagena, Colombia
30 May'23
FAST-Infra Label presentation by GIB for Joint LTIIA + D20 LTIC webinar
23 May'23
Assessing infrastructure projects impact on biodiversity- working group launch
Maison des Arts et métiers- Paris 75016
9 May'23
6th Annual Sustainable Investment Forum Europe
Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower
28 Mar'23
Future-Proof Infrastructure summit
20 Mar'23
23 Mar'23
Infrastructure investor Global summit
Hilton Hotel, Berlin
2 Feb'23
LTIIA member evening
16 Jan'23
19 Jan'23
Istanbul PPP WEEK
Istanbul-Le Meridien hotel
6 Dec'22
EDHEC Infra days-2022
133 Houndsditch, Liverpool Street, London EC3A 7BX.London,
17 Nov'22
Financement de l’Adaptation
3 Oct'22
Paris Infraweek 2022
Ministry of Finance INt'l Conference center - 139 rue de Bercy 75013
15 Jul'22
G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue: Leveraging Private Sector Participation in Sustainable Infrastructure
Bali international convention center, Indonesia
11 Jul'22
Shocks and Extreme Risks in Unlisted Infrastructure
28 Jun'22
Climate Innovation Forum
QEII Centre, Westminster London
16 Jun'22
LTIIA Nordic Infrastructure Forum
Skandia Mutual Life insurance HQ-STOCKHOLM
13 Jun'22
17 Jun'22
26 Apr'22
Sustainable Investment Forum Europe 2022
Hilton Bankside LONDON
29 Mar'22
World Bank’s Africa Community Forum on Climate-smart PPPs
21 Mar'22
24 Mar'22
Berlin Global Infrastructure summit-Social Infrastructure Forum
Hilton Hotel, Berlin
23 Feb'22
Global Infra Hub tools presentation
7 Dec'21
EDHECinfra Live 2021 : the future of the infrastructure asset class
6 Dec'21
10 Dec'21
6th Annual Istanbul PPP Week
10 Nov'21
PwC Luxembourg Infrastructure Forum
8 Nov'21
10 Nov'21
12th Annual Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF)
27 Oct'21
28 Oct'21
OECD Forum on Governance of Infrastructure
virtual event
19 Oct'21
20 Oct'21
The 2nd Finance in Common summit 19-20 October 2021
14 Oct'21
Les Rencontres internationales des PPP
Maison Amerique Latine, 217 Bd St-Germain PARIS
4 Oct'21
8 Oct'21
2021 Paris Infraweek
French MoF 139 rue de Bercy 75012 PARIS
28 Sep'21
Sustainable Investment Forum North America Sept. 2021
21 Sep'21
23 Sep'21
7th annual SuperReturn Global Infrastructure : CONNECTING GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTORS
Intercontinental O2 London
14 Sep'21
UK Sustainable Infrastructure Policy & Investment’ Online Summit
13 Sep'21
14 Sep'21
Global Infrastructure Dialogue 2021
Frankfurt am Main, Villa Kennedy, Rocco Forte Hotel
8 Sep'21
21 Jun'21
Mobiliser les investisseurs institutionnels dans le financement des infrastructures dans les pays en développement
AFD HQ -Paris
14 Jun'21
16 Jun'21
WAPPP Annual Congress: Next Level PPP
3 Jun'21
G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue: Financing Sustainable Infrastructure for the Recovery
2 Jun'21
5 Jun'21
24th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum-Russia
St-Petersburg Russia
4 May'21
The Volatility of Unlisted Infrastructure Equity Investments
25 Mar'21
LTIIA – D20-LTIC webinar on Infrastructure investment in Europe in the wake of Covid19
15 Dec'20
16 Dec'20
OECD High-level Seminar on Quality Infrastructure Investment (with the 2nd day dedicated to Asia)
8 Dec'20
9 Dec'20
Global Infrastructure Dialogue 2020
virtual event
2 Dec'20
3 Dec'20
13th annual Infrastructure Investor New York Summit
virtual event
27 Nov'20
AOAC SDG Framework presentation
virtual event
11 Nov'20
PwC Infra sound bite #5: COVID Impact on Infrastructure
virtual event
2 Nov'20
5 Nov'20
PPP week: Infrastructure economy beyond the pandemic
30 Oct'20
5th OECD Forum on Infrastructure Governance
20 Oct'20
10th Annual AltAssets Infrastructure LP-GP Forum
virtual event
12 Oct'20
15 Oct'20
Global Summit Berlin 2020
5 Oct'20
9 Oct'20
4th Paris Infraweek
French Ministry of Economy and Finance, Paris, France
1 Oct'20
2 Oct'20
European Infrastructure & Renewables Finance Exchange 2020
29 Sep'20
Joint Marsh-LTIIA Event: Managing Project Risks in Developing Countries; How to Protect your Investment and Personnel
29 Sep'20
1 Oct'20
SuperReturn Global Infrastructure – Connecting Global Infrastructure Investors
24 Sep'20
IPE Real Assets & Infrastructure Global Investor Conference 2020
13 Jul'20
15 Jul'20
Infrastructure Investor – Global Offsite 2020
13 Jul'20
14 Jul'20
UK Sustainable Infrastructure Policy & Investment Online Summit
2 Jul'20
Webinar Carbone4 & LTIIA – Infra Challenge: Aligning Infrastructure Portfolios with the Paris Agreement
16 Jun'20
PwC Luxembourg’s Infra Sound Bites: 3rd Edition
27 May'20
Cancelled (new date TBD): PWC-LTIIA Joint Forum on Infrastructure Funds, Investment Trends & Challenges
PwC, Luxembourg
22 Mar'20
23 Mar'20
Cancelled: D20-LTIC Annual Steering Committee and 8th D20 Conference
Fairmont Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
4 Mar'20
Airport Club, Frankfurt, Germany
10 Feb'20
OECD Dialogue with Institutional Investors on Private investment in Infrastructure
OECD Conference center-Paris
28 Jan'20
30 Jan'20
International Private Equity Market (IPEM)
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France
3 Dec'19
4 Dec'19
New York Summit 2019
Convene, New York, USA
7 Nov'19
8 Nov'19
European Association of Long-Term Investors General Assembly
Hotel Intercontinental, Budapest, Hungary
29 Oct'19
30 Oct'19
6th OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment
OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France
24 Oct'19
25 Oct'19
G20/OECD Task Force on Long-Term Investment Meeting
OECD, Paris, France
16 Oct'19
17 Oct'19
17th Annual European Infrastructure Finance Summit
Madrid, Spain
9 Oct'19
Positive impact: the upside of responsible investment in infrastructure
Paris, France
7 Oct'19
11 Oct'19
3rd Paris Infraweek
Paris, France
1 Oct'19
9th Annual Infrastructure LP-GP Forum
26 Sep'19
27 Sep'19
IPE Real Assets and Infrastructure Global Investor Conference 2019
Brussels, Belgium
16 Sep'19
18 Sep'19
SuperReturn Global Infrastructure 2019
London, UK
10 Sep'19
4th Joint Seminar on UK Infrastructure Regulation
London, UK
30 Jul'19
2nd Australian Private Infrastructure Forum
Sydney, Australia
26 Jun'19
27 Jun'19
Global Infrastructure Dialogue 2019
Frankfurt, Germany
12 Jun'19
UK National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) Regulation Study: Investor Roundtable 12 June 2019
London, UK
11 Jun'19
Carbone 4 & LTIIA Webinar
3 Jun'19
Global Infrastructure Investors Summit (GIIS) 2019
London, UK
23 May'19
24 May'19
8th World Pensions Forum with LTIIA
Brussels, Belgium
26 Apr'19
LTIC Steering Committee & 7th D20 Conference 2019
Tokyo, Japan
23 Apr'19
UK Infrastructure Policy & Investment Summit
London, UK
17 Apr'19
Delivering Quality Infrastructure – Meeting the Governance Challenge 4th OECD Forum on Governance of Infrastructure
Paris, France
27 Mar'19
28 Mar'19
12èmes Rencontres Internationales des PPP – PARIS
Paris, France
19 Mar'19
20 Mar'19
Global Summit Berlin – Global Investor Forum
Berlin, Germany
18 Mar'19
Global Summit Berlin – ESG & Sustainability Forum
26 Feb'19
LTIIA Private Breakfast at the Infrastructure Investors Forum Americas 2019
New York, USA
31 Jan'19
Americas Infrastructure Dialogue 2019
New York, USA
30 Jan'19
Infrastructure Investors Forum: Europe 2019
London, UK
22 Jan'19
24 Jan'19
IPEM – International Private Equity Market
Cannes, France
4 Dec'18
5 Dec'18
New York Summit
New York, USA
28 Nov'18
29 Nov'18
Women in Infrastructure Forum
London, UK
21 Nov'18
LTIIA Workshop on Project Financing in Emerging Countries
London, UK
20 Nov'18
24 Nov'18
Africities Summit 2018
Marrakech, Morocco
10 Oct'18
11 Oct'18
European Infrastructure Finance Summit 2018
Paris, France
8 Oct'18
LTIIA Fifth Annual Meeting and Paris Europlace International Infrastructure Forum
Paris, France
4 Oct'18
AltAssets 8th Annual Infrastructure LP-GP Forum
London, UK
27 Sep'18
ELTI-LTIIA Social Infrastructure Workshop
Brussels, Belgium
17 Sep'18
19 Sep'18
SuperReturn Infrastructure 2018
14 Aug'18
Infrastructure Investors Forum: Australia 2018
Sydney, Australia
17 Jul'18
Infrastructure Investors Forum: Asia
19 Jun'18
20 Jun'18
Global Infrastructure Dialogue
18 Jun'18
LTIIA Private Breakfast at Infrastructure Investors Forum – Japan 2018
6 Jun'18
7 Jun'18
EDHECinfra Days 2018
London, UK
5 Jun'18
UKRN-LTIIA Third Seminar on UK Infrastructure Regulation
London, UK
3 May'18
IPFA UK: Is Brown the New Green? The Rise of European Brownfield Infrastructure M&A and Financing
24 Apr'18
Does the UK Need Its Own Infrastructure Bank?
London, UK
19 Apr'18
B20 Taskforce on Financing Growth and Infrastructure
Washington DC, USA
19 Apr'18
Private Infrastructure Forum
Stockholm, Sweden
19 Apr'18
Ukrainian Infrastructure Forum ’18
Kyiv, Ukraine
18 Apr'18
Pinsent Masons Breakfast Briefing: Managing Climate Risk in a Changing Environment
London, UK
26 Mar'18
OECD Forum on Governance of Infrastructure
Paris, France
22 Mar'18
Global Summit Berlin – Global Projects Forum
Berlin, Germany
20 Mar'18
21 Mar'18
Global Summit Berlin – Global Investor Forum
Berlin, Germany
12 Mar'18
Digital Infrastructure Investment Summit
Frankfurt, Germany
28 Feb'18
LTIIA Private Breakfast at the Infrastructure Investors Forum Americas 2018
New York, USA
6 Feb'18
7 Feb'18
LTIIA-SIF Webinar on Infrastructure Projects Preparation
23 Jan'18
Infrastructure Investors Forum Europe 2018
London, UK
5 Dec'17
6 Dec'17
10th annual New York Summit
New York, USA
21 Nov'17
UKRN-LTIIA Second Seminar on UK Infrastructure Regulation
London, UK
18 Oct'17
LTIIA Fourth Annual Meeting and a Joint Forum with OECD
Paris, France
12 Oct'17
13 Oct'17
EIC Autumn Conference 2017
Paris, France
26 Sep'17
28 Sep'17
SuperReturn Infrastructure 2017
London, UK
13 Sep'17
15 Sep'17
Capital Creation
12 Sep'17
Infrastructure Investors Forum Australia 2017
Sydney, Australia
28 Jun'17
29 Jun'17
International Infrastructure Dialogue 2017
Frankfurt, Germany
13 Jun'17
14 Jun'17
US P3 Infrastructure Forum 2017
New York, USA
12 Jun'17
Private Infrastructure Forum
6 Jun'17
7 Jun'17
UK Wide Infrastructure Investment 2017
Milton Keynes, UK
1 Jun'17
5th Global Infrastructure Investors Summit 2017
London, UK
23 May'17
24 May'17
i3 Editorial Advisory Board Meeting and Conference
Toronto, Canada
4 May'17
Cost of Capital Conference, UK Regulation
London, UK
26 Apr'17
Infrastructures of the future
Brussels, Belgium
20 Apr'17
Ukrainian Infrastructure Forum ’17
Kyiv, Ukraine
11 Apr'17
Private Infrastructure Forum
Melbourne, Australia
24 Mar'17
SPR/LTIIA Finding synergies between Property and Infrastructure research
London, UK
20 Mar'17
23 Mar'17
Infrastructure Investor Global Summit 2017
Berlin, Germany
1 Mar'17
LTIIA private breakfast at the Infrastructure Investors Forum Americas 2017
New York, USA
22 Feb'17
OECD Roundtable on “The role of development banks and finance institutions in scaling up investment in low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure”
Paris, France
20 Feb'17
Infrastructure Conference for Pension Funds
London, UK
1 Feb'17
Infrastructure Investors Forum Europe 2017
London, UK
6 Dec'16
7 Dec'16
9th annual Infrastructure Investor LP Summit
New York, USA
17 Nov'16
Public Private Partnerships: Best Practices and Opportunities in Japan – Learn from Queensland –
Tokyo, Japan
16 Nov'16
17 Nov'16
Global Investment Forum 2016
Hong Kong, China
3 Nov'16
OECD Workshop on Financing Green Infrastructure
Paris, France
2 Nov'16
Bloomberg Nation Builders Asia
25 Oct'16
LTIIA Contributes to the Inaugural Meeting of PPI’s Infrastructure Workgroup
Hong Kong, China
19 Oct'16
20 Oct'16
LTIIA Third Annual Meeting
Frankfurt, Germany
12 Oct'16
LTIIA Private Breakfast at the European Infrastructure Finance Summit 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
12 Oct'16
LTIIA contributes to the European Parliamen’ts long-term investment intergroup conference
Brussels, Belgium
5 Oct'16
AltAssets 6th Annual Infrastructure LP-GP Forum
London, UK
22 Sep'16
23 Sep'16
SuperReturn Infrastructure 2016
London, UK
8 Sep'16
LTIIA and UK Regulator’s Network convened over 60 executives for their UK Infrastructure Regulation Seminar
London, UK
30 Jun'16
Green Infrastructure Investment Coalition – India Forum
London, UK
22 Jun'16
International Infrastructure Dialogue 2016
Frankfurt, Germany
7 Jun'16
Global Infrastructure Investors Summit
7 Jun'16
PEI-PRI Responsible Investment Forum 2016
Melbourne, Australia
17 Mar'16
PEI Renewable Energy Forum
Berlin, Germany
16 Mar'16
The EDHECinfra Forum 2016
London, UK
23 Feb'16
LTIIA Private Breakfast during IIF Americas 2016
New York, USA
17 Feb'16
IPEM Forum
Cannes, France
3 Feb'16
LTIIA contributes to IIF Europe 2016
London, UK
2 Dec'15
Global Infrastructure Investment Seminar
Tokyo, Japan
1 Dec'15
Third Annual Infrastructure Conference for Pension Funds
London, UK
19 Nov'15
OECD/Euromoney Conference on long-term investment financing
Paris, France
12 Nov'15
Infrastructure Investor LP Summit
New York, USA
15 Oct'15
LTIIA Private Breakfast during EIFS 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
21 Sep'15
LTIIA convenes key industry figures in Washington, D.C. for its Second Annual Meeting
Washington DC, USA
16 Sep'15
SuperReturn InFocus: Infrastructure
London, UK
16 Oct'14
LTIIA First Annual Meeting
Paris, France
EDHECinfra Days 2019
London, UK
Climate Innovation Forum 2022
QEII Centre in Westminster, London