27 Nov'20 | 11:00 am — 12:00 pm · virtual event
AOAC SDG Framework presentation


As long-term investors, we are particularly aware of the challenges and benefits of investing  responsibly  and sustainably for the benefits of all stakeholders. Indeed, one of LTIIA’s core missions,  is to provide guidance and share best practices and insights for LT investment in sustainable infrastructure .

Today, we can move the needle further, with regard to  the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Even before the COVID-crisis, we’re not on track to  reach  these goals by the 2030 deadline. Infrastructure investors can and should play a role in getting the progress rate  back on track. This isn’t just about the benefits for the wider community: it is also about the image and contribution of private sector investors, and our social license to operate in a complex  social and political environment. We need collectively to be able to tell the right story…Over the last  few months,  together with GRESB and other professional organizations assembled by the CFA Asset Owners Council (AOAC ), LTIIA has been working to create a framework, narrative and benchmark for asset owners & managers to measure impact of infrastructure assets on delivery of the SDGs and ESG, and promote adoption amongst their respective networks.

A  1-hr webinar  is now organized jointly  by LTIIA and GRESB to present the new framework, explain and clarify how this framework  could be adapted easily  for those investors that  are already  reporting  to  GRESB;  The exchange would also  allow those of our members that  have already developed their proprietary  SDG assessment methodology  to  briefly explain how they proceeded, and if & when they intend to  make it public, and how it could be articulated with  the proposed  framework

all interested investors are to contact the  LTIIA secretariat.

27 Nov'20