19 Apr'18 · Washington DC, USA
B20 Taskforce on Financing Growth and Infrastructure

This year, infrastructure is one of the key topics for the G20 Argentine presidency. “Infrastructure for development: mobilizing private resources to reduce the infrastructure deficit” has been defined as one of the three priority themes of the Summit. Presidency calls for mobilizing private investments to close the infrastructure gap through developing the concept of infrastructure as an asset class.

On April 19, the B20 Taskforce on Financing Growth & Infrastructure met in Washington, DC with the aim of making general recommendations and suggesting specific policy actions for the G20. Chairman Deau joined the meeting on behalf of LTIIA.

Our comments were centered on:

  • Encouraging global developments in prudential regulations for infrastructure, following the precedent set by Solvency II
  • Supporting the emergence of risk/return and contractual standards for the asset class based on the private investor inputs
  • Helping promote the executional excellence of PPPs
  • Widening the opportunity for the private investors involvement in the development of social infrastructure
19 Apr'18
1850 1st St NW