6 Dec'22 · 133 Houndsditch, Liverpool Street, London EC3A 7BX.London,
EDHEC Infra days-2022

Another energy crisis: good or bad for infrastructure investors?

Does the rise of renewables create new risks for investors? Investors in infrastructure face changing risks from carbon regulation to extreme weather, inflation and recessions. Are these risks priced-in today? What does the data say about how thousands of individual infrastructure assets are exposed to climate and macro risks?

EDHECinfra Day 2022 , held in London, is an in-person event for investment professionals where applied research is used to address real-world use cases and questions.

The conference will include multiple plenary sessions and workshops, including a LTIIA sponsored research session on

The impact of macro shocks on infrastructure investment” with speakers: Frederic Blanc-Brude & F.Bergere (LTIIA),

and a Panel: Beyond alignment: what are the costs of climate risk-resilient infrastructure? with André Laboul, Senior Advisor, & Darwin Marcelo EDHEC Infra,Andrew Knight, Global Data & Tech Lead, RICS, Jeanne Michon-Savarit, Head of Sustainability, Infranity, and Francois Bergere, Executive Director (LTIIA)

6 Dec'22
etc.venues 133 Houndsditch
London, UK