25 Apr'24 | 10:00 am — 11:00 am
How to achieve a well-diversified portfolio of unlisted infrastructure
An in-depth analysis by EDHEC Infra & Private Assets of best practice infrastructure portfolio construction and the implications for strategic asset allocation based on the recent report commissioned by the Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA). The session will cover two issues relevant to diversification and infrastructure investment, look at portfolio construction and what it means to build a “well-diversified” portfolio of unlisted infrastructure equity and examine the potential diversification benefits gained by adding infrastructure to the asset classes that make up a typical portfolio.

Webinar agenda: What is a well-diversified infrastructure portfolio? Does it matter? More assets, more sectors, more countries, how many is enough? 10 times more effective: Using risk factors to build better portfolios. Join us on 25th April, 2024 at 10:00 AM (CET) to explore strategies for building better-diversified portfolios of infrastructure at a low cost across multiple funds or products.
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25 Apr'24