29 Mar'22 — 10:30 am
World Bank’s Africa Community Forum on Climate-smart PPPs

As countries progress in their economic recovery from the COVID-19 induced recession, private investors and developers have a powerful opportunity to accelerate investments that support climate-resilient infrastructure and drive inclusive growth. These investments will be crucial for EMDEs to transition to low-carbon economies.

To realize this potential, three ingredients are essential for EMDEs to promote and nurture: public and private sector engagement, creating investment-friendly business environments, and building pipelines of bankable, sustainable infrastructure opportunities.

This event aims to ensure that new and existing PPP projects account for physical climate risks; are able to adapt to future climate, socio-economic, and technological changes; and address climate adaptation/mitigation across the infrastructure lifecycle. By participating, attendees will learn more about how to better incorporate climate resilience into infrastructure PPPs, how to balance climate objectives with urgent national development pressures, and how to prioritize climate change adaptation and resilience during project selection, especially during periods of tight fiscal space. 

This event will include public sector officials and decision makers working at national, regional, and local levels from ministries, governmental agencies, and PPP units/institutions that hold responsibility to make decisions on structuring, implementing, and advising on PPP programs, as well as Insitutional Investors, represented by LTIIA.

Please register in advance to attend this online event ( 29th March 2022 at 08:00 AM EST – 10:30 AM EST ). 

29 Mar'22