Global Infrastructure Hub has established InfraCompass, the first systematic audit of infrastructure data to pinpoint which policies unlock investment, produce quality projects, and deliver useful infrastructure.

InfraCompass is a new online tool to guide governments and investors across the globe on what creates the best conditions for infrastructure delivery.

Identifying the risks around an infrastructure project, particularly when operating in unfamiliar jurisdictions, can discourage new investment. In a world where there is too much capital chasing the same risk reward profile, investors and lenders are venturing into new territories in search of opportunities. The Global Infrastructure Hub’s new tool, InfraCompass, offers clear data on infrastructure markets across 49 countries, providing investors and lenders with key insights in risk.

Key features of InfraCompass:

  • Analyses country-specific data
  • Pinpoints the practices that lead to strong infra markets
  • Identifies priority reforms
  • Easy to navigate platform
  • Brings together key data in one location.

You can access the tool here or download the accompanying report.