LTIIA has just been admitted into Finance for Tomorrow (FFT) as an observer. The FFT initiative brings together all private, public and institutional players from various national and regional backgrounds, present in the Paris financial centre and willing to commit themselves to a sustainable and inclusive finance. It combines long-term investment view with environmental and social consideration challenges to help propel Paris as a first-class Financial centre on Green and Sustainable Finance.

Thierry Deau, chairman of LTIIA since its creation in 2014, was elected  as the new Chair of Finance for Tomorrow on the occasion of the 5th Climate Finance Day in November 2019, a leading international event organised by Finance for Tomorrow, concluding a week-long series of events devoted to sustainable finance. This year’s guiding theme for the day was the financing of a just transition as the transformation toward a low-carbon economy will induce profound upheavals in many sectors requiring to consider the social and societal impact.

As part of its new member status, LTIIA immediately engaged in 2 of the thematic workforces created by FFT to address current issues: a working group on the “Impact of the European Green Deal and of the EU taxonomy, and Financing for Development”, a group which F. Bergere, executive director of LTIIA, is co-leading. Within this club, LTIIA will bring its specific expertise in sustainable finance applied to Infrastructure.