GPSS Holdings (Grid parity for Sustainable Society), is our third Japanese member after DBJ and GPIF.  In its roles of originator, developer, designer, investor, operator and partner, GPSS works with local communities to produce sustainable energy with a long-run goal of achieving parity between traditional energy production and renewable energy production.  It covers five energy fields (solar, geothermal, wind power, small hydroelectric and bio-gas) with the community partnership in the centre of its model.

In a capital-intensive business, GPSS puts its engineering skills, technical know-how and rich area-specific experiences to deliver quality and safety at efficient prices.  The 4-star GRESB Infrastructure Asset Assessment© reflects its commitment to ESG-oriented operations and investments.  It supports the development and commercialisation of projects through direct and indirect financing, moving towards the sustainable realization of collective goals.

GPSS joined LTIIA in October 2019 with the shared vision of promoting private investments in community-building businesses and moving towards more sustainable energy landscape.