In Paris, LTIIA organized on Oct 2nd a presentation for several of its members with Gerd Schwarz, Deputy Director, Fiscal Affairs Department at the International Monetary Fund.

Mr Schwarz presented “Infrastructure Governance: From Aspiration to Action“, a recent IMF Board Paper from June 2018.

Strong infrastructure governance is critical for public investment to spur economic growth. The IMF has developed Public Investment Management Assessments (PIMAs), a key tool for assessing infrastructure governance and supporting economic institution building in this area.

Ensuring governance along  the whole life cycle of investment process is key for Public decision makers, but  also very  relevant   for Private sector institutional investors as it can:

-enable  them to  assess the government capacity  to  plan, prioritise, allocate multi-year budget, procure &  implement infrastructure investments (enabling  framework & in practice)

-provide an indication ( when disseminated)  of Governments’ current and future reliability/creditworthiness as project counterpart, offtaker, guarantor, grantor  or lender.

Please find below Mr. Schwarz’s presentation.