State of the Practice: Sustainability Standards for Infrastructure Investors

Guggenheim Investments, a member of LTIIA, just published a report, together with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) & the Stanford University Global Projects Center to analyze the various metrics – standards and rating systems – used to assess the sustainability of infrastructure investments.

While sustainability assessment has been factored in infrastructure investing for some time, this was mostly limited to regulatory compliance and permitting. Lately, multi-stakeholder standards and project rating programs have been developed, and can be used by investors to certify and monitor their activities in the sector. According to Guggenheim, for sustainable infrastructure to successfully transition to an institutional asset class, there must be consistent methodologies for determining sustainability.

The ambition of the report is to contribute toward achieving that objective by providing stakeholders a practical guidebook and starting point.

This echoes and fits in the LTIIA community priorities (including through GIBasel, and other members from our Action circle, such as GRESB, Sustainable Infra Foundation/Source, …) as well as, more broadly, in the G20, OECD, IADB, and WBG/PPIAF agendas.

Please find below the full report.