GIH Releases New InfraCompass 2020

The Global Infrastructure Hub just launched InfraCompass 2020, a significant update to the InfraCompass online tool and report.

Using data from leading international organisations – including the World Bank, World Economic Forum and OECD – InfraCompass 2020 gives a picture of infrastructure performance across 81 countries.

Primarily aimed at public contracting authorities, InfraCompass can be used to identify reforms that reduce barriers to investment in infrastructure; benchmark their country’s performance against others to understand opportunities for improvement; improve infrastructure performance and encourage greater investment in quality infrastructure.

InfraCompass can help drive greater economic and social impact by helping to close the infrastructure gap and identify measures that deliver a greater service outcome for every dollar invested – an important metric for constrained governments and the private sector in a post COVID-19 world.

The report, developed in partnership with Deloitte Asia Pacific, ranks countries across eight drivers of quality infrastructure:

Governance, Procurement, Regulatory framework, Financial markets, Permits, Activity, Planning & Funding capacity.  You can access the full report here.