Joint LTIIA-GRESB-AOAC webinar on new SDG Framework for Infra asset owners

Following up on previous News (see post from Oct 28th),on Nov 27th,2020, LTIIA held a joint webinar aimed at introducing a new SDG framework. This is designed to enable Infrastructure investors to better communicate their evidence-based stories & better convey their contribution, to SDGs and the broader cause of Sustainable Development. This new Framework, to which LTIIA actively contributed, is an industry-led , AO-sponsored , infra-specific & global initiative, intended as a universal reporting tool, for equity, but also debt-investors. Beyond reporting to stakeholders, it can also be used as an input to investment decision, starter for impact investing, to perform due diligence, and for training & strategy development.

The current framework foundational Platform can now be accessed at :
For a guided introduction, please see the webinar recording on our Library/Webinar section.
While this is still a work in progress, and needs to be complemented and operationalized through integrating geo-locational contextual data and engaging with Multilateral Development Banks, we already encourage our members to visit the site and provide us with their comments and feedback so as to further enrich and improve the framework.