WAPPP (World Association of PPP Units & Professionals- https://wappp.org ) and LTIIA have entered into a strategic partnership to raise awareness among infra investors & government institutions of investment opportunities, particularly in emerging markets, and of corresponding requirements of infrastructure investors. Our joint collaboration with the global WAPPP network will allow us to jointly promote and structure NextLevel public-private partnerships a key tool to promote new opportunities in sustainable infrastructure for institutional investors.

The MoU is intended as a framework for joint cooperation actions. Parties will organize virtual events – and in-person meetings, when feasible – that bring together investors, public officials, and PPP practitioners to network, exchange knowledge, share experience, and identify areas and projects of mutual interest among participants.

The Parties will invite each other to participate in each other’s events, conferences, and meetings, when appropriate, and to contribute to their publications, e.g., case studies, PPP review papers and other publications related to social, physical, and climate-resilient infrastructure and the role of PPPs.